Bulletin 1

Finnish Rogaining Championships 2021 and Ylläs Outdoor week Rogaining

15.-16.7.2021 Ylläs -Finland

Competition Centre

Jouni’s Shopping Center in Äkäslompolo village in Kolari, Finland.

Address: Tunturintie 16, 95970 Äkäslompolo


There is a lot of different kind of accommodation available in Ylläs area. Check https://www.yllas.fi/en/accommodation.html for details. No camping in the competition center.


The map is in scale 1:40 000 and has contour intervals of 5 metres.

MTB classes will have separate map as the restricted areas are different and MTB check points are closer / on tracks.

The map is printed to 2 A3 size paper. Each team member will receive his/her own map and a plastic map cover.

More information about map you will get on competition material.


Teams may visit the controls in any order. Teams are allowed to plan the course inside a specific building. Competition area has many different kinds of terrain from swaps to mountain.


The controls in the 24h and 8h MTB races are marked with an orange-white flag and a reflector. There is also a SI-unit at each control (rent of the SI card is included in the registration fee). There is a model control at start area. Other classes (4h, 8h and 4h MTB) will not use SI punching system (mobile phone punching is used https://gps-punch.appspot.com/ ).

Control descriptions will be given on a separate sheet of paper. Refreshment controls are shown in the control descriptions.

Refreshment controls

There will be springs, wells or water containers at refreshment controls. Competitors are not allowed to spoil, to use water excessively or use water for washing up at refreshment controls. The taps must not be left running.

Obligatory equipment

For your own safety each team must carry

  • a mobile phone in a waterproof package (working in finnish mobile network, Phone must be closed from Thursday 11.30 AM until finishing the race)
  • a first aid kit with emergency blanket (space model accepted)
  • first aid gauze (pack or two rolls)
  • plaster
  • sports tape

Each competitor must have

  • a whistle
  • a water container
  • some food
  • a cap
  • spare undershirt
  • windproof jacket
  • torch (e.g. head light)

MTB 4/8h: Competitors must use helmet all the time during the race, also when they are running in forest without bike.

All obligatory equipment must be carried all the time. You cannot leave any obligatory equipment on the trail, not even for a short period of time. However, you can leave other than obligatory equipment on the trail, but only after the start of the race and you must have it with you when you finish your race. You are not allowed to leave equipment on the trail and pick it up after the race.

Meals during the competition

During the competition competitors can eat and drink in the restaurant tent. This service is included in registration fee.

First aid

Each team must have a first aid kit. At the competition office there will be first aid equipment for injuries, but not for teams to take on the course.

In the case of emergency

If your team faces an emergency during the competition, you must notify the organizers of the event immediately for further assistance, if it is needed.

If in case the emergency is life threatening, you must call 112, the common emergency number. If it is a less hazardous emergency, please call the organizers number +358 40 5620377. There is a 24 hour service at this number. Please register this number on the mobile phone which you carry with you during the race.

You can switch on your mobile phone during the race, but only in case of emergency. Using of mobile phones will be monitored. You may call  +358 40 5620377 also if a checkpoint has been vandalized, there is no water at a water post or you come across another technical problem along the course.


There are toilets at the competition center.

Shower and sauna

There is a washing possibility after the race.

Meal after competition

There will be warm meal (or breakfast) served for two hours after the finishing time in competition center

Prize giving ceremony

Prizes will be awarded 2 hours after the finishing time of all events in the competition center.

In the 4/8/4h MTB-hour event the best team (one) will be awarded a prize.

In the 8-hour MTB event the best teams will be awarded prizes. Three best teams are awarded prizes.

In 24-hour event the best teams are awarded prizes. Three best teams are awarded prizes.

If there are less than two teams in a class in results list, then this class will be joining next younger age category when awarding prizes.

More details coming up in Bulletin 2 which is published in June 15th.